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SPA Welcomes ABC Commitment to Content

Today, our CEO, Matthew Deaner welcomed the statement by Michelle Guthrie, the Managing Director of the ABC, on her plans for an internal restructure of the ABC.

The ABC is the home of Australian content and the Managing Director’s plans, as outlined yesterday, will help to ensure that the ABC continues to delivery quality Australian content to Australian audiences. Together with David Anderson, who will lead the Entertainment and Specialist team, the ABC is in good hands as it deals with digital disruption. I wish Michelle and David well.”

Also today, the Chair of the ABC, Justin Milne, delivered the Hector Crawford Memorial Lecture at SCREEN FOREVER in Melbourne.

Justin’s strong commitment to the ABC and content was evident today. Justin outlined the challenges facing the ABC and producers, digital disruption and set out new opportunities for Australian content. I am encouraged by his announcement of an 18 per cent increase of expenditure on production. I am also heartened by Justin’s comments on regulation and the need for Netflix, Amazon and the new market entrants to make a strong commitment to local industry, as has happened in Europe and Canada. In Justin, we have an ABC Chair that understands the value of the independent production sector.

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